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ITI's goal is to improve content findability on https://www.icann.org. This feedback site gives you a window into the content and features that we are working on, and allows you to provide direct input. We’ll use your feedback to help us deliver a new search experience that meets the needs of our global community.


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Feedback Needed

In April 2018, we asked for your input on the updated Acronyms and Terms feature. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback. Since then, the ITI team has been working to implement the improved content search you need.

Six new pages are available for your feedback. These pages include:

  • Announcements
  • Blogs
  • Announcements Advanced Search
  • Blogs Advanced Search
  • For Journalists and What’s New.

We’ve added new and enhanced search features to make it easier for you to find information. Some of these features appear across all pages, such as breadcrumbs and consistent site navigation for the six United Nations languages. Additional features for each page are highlighted below.

Please keep in mind, these pages are in the early stages of construction and the functionality is not complete. We want your feedback first before we begin full implementation of all the functionality. This is to reduce development cost and time.

Click on item(s) below that you are interested in providing feedback on. You will be asked to complete a short survey to help guide your feedback. 

Thank you in advance. Your input is key to ensuring we are delivering the improved findability you need.

Feedback Received

Latest News

The Information Transparency Initiative (ITI): Improving Announcement and Blog Findability

11 Oct 2018
The ITI team has launched six redesigned pages (Announcements, Blogs, Announcements Advanced Search, Blogs Advanced Search, For Journalists, and What’s New) that offer new and improved search features to make it easier for our community to find information.

How the ITI Technical Infrastructure Works

21 Jun 2018
There is a lot of behind-the-curtain engineering effort that goes into achieving these goals. To help you better understand the planning and implementation that goes into a project of this size, we'd like to provide you with a peek behind that technical curtain.

The Information Transparency Initiative (ITI): Making Improvements by Building Strong Foundations

24 May 2018
The ICANN org launched improvements to the existing Acronyms and Terms feature on https://icann.org. These changes are a part of ITI's commitment to increase the findability of our public content.

The Information Transparency Initiative (ITI) Feedback Site is Now Live

23 Apr 2018
The ITI Feedback site is intended to provide the ICANN community with the ability to share input on the content and features the ITI team is working on to improve the findability, transparency, and accessibility of ICANN public content.

ITI and ODI: Similarities, Differences, and What These Projects Mean for You

05 Mar 2018
ITI and ODI share a similar goal – to make it easier for the ICANN community to access information. This goal is in service of the ICANN organization's commitment to accountability and transparency. While ITI and ODI share a similar goal, the two initiatives are distinct projects that tackle different types of ICANN information and use different methods of making that information more transparent.

An Information Transparency Initiative Update: The Content Audit and ICANN Taxonomy

31 Jan 2018
Read the latest ITI blog, which outlines our work on the content audit and ICANN taxonomy.

Creating Content Governance and Rebuilding the Infrastructure of ICANN's Public Sites

26 Sep 2017
Learn about what ITI will deliver for our community.

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